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Haley Cremer Foundation announces support for Dr. Mehra Golshan’s research in new role at Yale New Haven Health – Smilow Cancer Hospital

By November 5, 2020December 21st, 2020News

The Haley Cremer Foundation has for several years supported the advancement of Dr. Golshan’s breast cancer research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. With his recent transition to a new role as Deputy Chief Medical Officer at the Yale New Haven Health – Smilow Cancer Hospital, the Foundation is pleased to announce its continued support for his research.

“The research and resulting improvements in the care of patients undergoing treatment for breast cancer has dramatically changed over the past several years,” expressed Marc Cremer, the Foundation’s co-founder. “Dr. Golshan’s research has clearly influenced these improvements.”

“I was super excited to learn that the Foundation would be continuing its support for my research,” commented Dr. Golshan. “It was a welcome piece of news for me as I begin my new role and this will go a long way in supporting my team’s research here at Yale!”