About Haley

Above all, I remember her incredible smile. She wore it all the time. Haley was a strikingly beautiful young woman. Yet she was so much more than that. She was honest, genuine and possessed a contagious love of life. Her passion for worthy causes was palpable. Haley, sometimes to her own detriment, always put the needs of others first. She loved spending time with family and friends. No matter how bad your day, a call, text or visit from Haley invariably brightened your spirits. Oh, how I miss that smile.   She was a great listener, and provided abundant support and encouragement. Haley was such an optimist. She looked for the good in people and had an incredible knack for bringing out the best in her family, friends, classmates and teammates.

Haley was an amazing daughter for me and Marc and an adoring older sister to Morgan. This appeared effortless for her even though I know it so often wasn’t easy. She and Morgan created a lifelong bond that any siblings would admire. Haley cared so deeply for Morgan and shared her life experiences with the hope of smoothing the pavement for Morgan’s road from adolescence to womanhood. While I was battling breast cancer, Haley was there for me every step of the way. She was my primary source of encouragement to fight, be strong and power through. She considered my opinions and treated me with respect and affection. All the while, Haley managed her senior year studies, applied to colleges and undertook an independent study in Physical Therapy.

Since Haley’s tragic death on June 15, 2014, countless people have shared their similar personal experiences with Haley. How she touched their lives with her compassion, generosity and genuineness. Many easily recall Haley’s physical beauty but truly recognized her incredible inner beauty. At twenty years of age, Haley was reaching her goals and making her dreams come true. She was on track to begin her third year in the six year Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at Simmons College. Just prior to her death, Haley secured an off campus apartment and was ecstatic about living in the city she loved. It remains unfathomable that she is no longer with us. We endeavor to honor Haley’s legacy by continuing her passion for life and helping others through worthy causes. I know the Haley Cremer Foundation would make her smile.

Ivie Cremer, Haley’s mom