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Haley Cremer Foundation Grants 2017 Clinical Internship Awards at Simmons College

By November 6, 2017November 26th, 2017Events, News

The Foundation is pleased to announce Alexia Malone-Oliver and Amber Ferreira, both DPT ’17, as recipients of the 2017 Clinical Internship Awards as part of the Haley Cremer Memorial Awards program at Simmons College.

Alexia had the wonderful fortune of knowing Haley during her time at Simmons. She writes in her personal statement that “…I realize Haley had a huge impact on my life. She taught me to become a leader, possess good study ethics, be generous, and help everyone. I have taken these qualities upon myself as a way to let her memory live on! I want to become the woman she was meant to be while following my passions…” Alexia was a multi-sport athlete during her time at Simmons, all the while balancing the rigors of the physical therapy curriculum. Her clinical plans include following her sports medicine interests the Champion Sports Medicine Clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, one of the most sought after sports medicine clinicals in the country. The Foundation is proud to support her efforts in Birmingham!

Amber also had the pleasure of knowing Haley. She notes “During the remainder of my graduate studies and throughout my professional career, I plan to emulate the traits that Haley always did. I will bring a smile with me to clinical, to school and to work each day. I will care for my patients as if they are my own mother, father, sibling, or grandparents in providing them with the best treatment I possibly can.” Amber has a strong aspiration of pursuing outpatient pediatric physical therapy, a highly demanding area of the field. To further this effort, she has accepted an early pediatric placement in Twin Falls, Idaho for the opportunity to strengthen her proficiency working specifically with the pediatric population and the challenge associated with stepping out of her comfort zone and traveling to a beautiful new location to do this work. The Foundation is proud to support her and help offset the expenses associated with Amber following her dreams!