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Haley Cremer Foundation announces recipient of the 2021 Haley Cremer Memorial Scholarship

By November 7, 2021December 5th, 2021News

The Foundation is pleased to announce Miguel Abreu, a DPT student at MGH Institute of Health Professionals in Boston, MA as the recipient of the 2021 Haley Cremer Memorial Scholarship.

The scholarship is given to an individual that demonstrates passion and dedication to school, to the profession of physical therapy, to helping others, and improving lives of those around them as Haley did every day. Consideration is given to an individual best demonstrating Haley’s four core values:

  • Demonstrating Compassion for others                                  
  • Instilling Perseverance in the face of hardship
  • Fostering Insight and recovery
  • Championing Renewal of spirit.

“I’d like to thank the Foundation for this amazing award! It’s truly humbling and an honor to be associated with endearing and admirable traits such as those portrayed by Haley. Words are unable to express how much this generous contribution aids students such as myself in our pursuit of education to better ourselves and provide services to those in need.” said Miguel. “From personal experience, financial stress can be a huge overwhelming hurdle for students.  To know that there are foundations such as this one that care enough to provide support for students is a breath of fresh air that makes me optimistic and eager for the future.  This award will aid me tremendously as I finish my final clinical experience and look to enter the field of home health physical therapy. I hope to treat and improve the lives of those unable to leave the confines of their home, while upholding the values that Haley stood for in both my personal life and career as a future Doctor of Physical Therapy.”