Haley Cremer Foundation Furthers Support for Jeff’s Place

By September 17, 2018 Events, News No Comments

As the Foundation continues to advance its mission, a $15,000 grant was awarded to Jeff’s Place on September 17th. “We are thrilled to expand our support for Jeff’s Place in Framingham, MA,”  said Ivie Cremer, the Foundation’s President. “The  comprehensive bereavement support services Jeff’s Place offers to grieving families is truly inspiring”.

“The age of children and families experiencing a loss is trending younger,” stated David Sternburg, Executive Director of Jeff’s Place. “Jeff’s Place will use the grant from the Haley Cremer Foundation to offer a second kids group program for families with children between the ages of 3 and 8. These children are at a particularly delicate age for understanding and coping with sudden loss and their parents are often overwhelmed with grief, putting their entire family system in an emotional quandary.” Sternberg added, “the families with young children who turn to Jeff’s Place are in desperate need of assistance to effectively and healthily as possible cope with a traumatic loss. The Haley Cremer Foundation will make this possible for more families and will be a testament to Haley’s memory.”