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The Haley Cremer Memorial Awards at Simmons University

The Haley Cremer Foundation was established in 2015 in loving memory of an outgoing, enthusiastic, and compassionate young woman. Haley was tragically taken from us on Father’s Day, June 15, 2014. At the time of her death, Haley was preparing to enter her junior year at Simmons College to continue her studies toward a degree in physical therapy. She is remembered by all that knew her as someone who cared deeply for others. The Haley Cremer Foundation will honor Haley’s memory by striving to do the same. Financial assistance will be award­ed to aspiring physical therapists through the funding of scholarly endeavors, in an effort to help students maximize their educational experiences. Awards will be given to individuals that demonstrate passion and dedication toward school, helping others, and improving the lives of those around them. Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of many, as Haley accomplished during her short time with all of us.

To qualify as a candidate for an award, an individual must possess the character that best encompasses the Foundation’s Mission statement.

This mission statement reflects Haley’s passion for helping others while highlight­ing the qualities she possessed in order to achieve success. We are looking for an individual who best demonstrates these qualities:

  • Demonstrating Compassion for others
  • Instilling Perseverance in the face of hardship
  • Fostering Insight and recovery
  • Championing Renewal of spirit

Awards will be given in the following two categories:

Clinical Internship Awards

Support for travel, lodging and living expenses for students assigned a clinical placement out of region.

  • Peer Nominated – There is no greater form of respect than recognition from your peers. We are looking for nominations from students to identify peers that exemplify the qualities listed above.
  • Faculty Nominated – Faculty possess the unique perspective of watching students evolve throughout their time at the university. Faculty members are able to identify students who demonstrate certain strengths, positive traits, and involvement and investment in professional activities.

These awards are designed to help students achieve their clinical goals. Learning experiences during clinicals come in a variety of forms and it should be the priority of the student to maximize these oppor­tunities. Funding will be provided after clinical placements have been made by the Directors of Clinical Education. Award amounts will reflect need and merit. Please note that awards do not impact clinical placement or the process of clinical placement.

Professional Conference and Presentation Awards

Professional Conference and Presentation Awards will support conference registration, travel and lodging expenses. The Foundation looks strongly upon students who are driven to be involved in their pro­fessional organizations. This includes attending professional organization sponsored events, as well as presenting platform and poster presentations at peer review conferences. These awards will be made throughout the year based upon the opportunities available.